Operation Restoration




Water Damage

If you have a flooding event of any kind, it is essential to have the water extracted and the dry-out done by a professional as soon as possible to minimize further damage to your home and property.

Most water damage comes from within the home in the form of a leaky roof, broken/leaky pipe, malfunctioning appliances, or a clogged sink. Operation Restoration offers leak detection service if the water source is not indicated or behind a barrier.

The structural dry-out process has to be done properly, or mold and mildew will grow into another problem for the home.





Operation Restoration uses professional water extraction equipment, industrial style fans, and powerful dehumidifiers to make the drying process as quick and thorough as possible. We can use thermal imaging to find leaks that are not visible, and to ensure the water is completely dry from under flooring, behind baseboards, and inside the walls.