Operation Restoration




Fire Damage

A property fire is one of the most devastating disasters anyone can experience.  With a quick response, many building materials can be saved by remediating the fire damage early.  

Heat and smoke from the fire send carcinogens through the air that find their way into porous surfaces, building materials, and household items. 

Smoke can permeate throughout the home even in areas that were not affected by the fire itself. With quick response, many of these building materials that would otherwise need to be demolished can be preserved.

Water used to put the fire out can also cause damage, and an assessment/repair my be desirable to prevent future water related issues. 

The removal of smoke and fire odor is a very complicated process, and only proffessionals with proper training should be involved in the remediation. Operation Restoration team is trained in assessing salvageable materials, encapsulation, and ozone treatments. We take a compassionate and personalized approach to the clean up and repair of your fire damaged home. Let us help you today!